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Vick’s home plumbing & maintenance

Our company comprises of Vick & Sue Schoeman and a team of qualified workers that strive to give excellent personal service in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price. We are proud of our work and aim to exceed your expectations.

Our story starts in the UK where Vick received his plumbing certificates and worked at a hotel doing all plumbing and general maintenance work. Sue comes from a secretarial background and mans the office. When we moved back to SA in 2006, we established Vick’s Home Plumbing and Maintenance.

We are bathroom renovation specialists – changing your bathroom into a space that you love to be in – from complete change of lay-out and break down of walls, to minor changes.

Our expertise has also grown extensively with regards to painting. We offer painting services which includes interior and exterior painting, advice on the correct paint, colour mixing and woodwork maintenance.

As a result of our current water crisis, we are focussing on harvesting rain water by installing water tanks that can be used to water the garden or fill the pool. We have also developed a system to use the harvested water in your home. Grey water systems can be installed to re-use water.

We have gained extensive experience in all aspects of plumbing and maintenance, working with Letting Agents and Property Management Companies, Builders and Private individuals.

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Telephone: 021 976 2743 (Office)

Vick Mobile: 076 754 1602

Sue Mobile: 076 377 6679

E – Mail: info@vhpm.co.za

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