interior & exterior

Choosing painting colours is very subjective.  We can guide you to the best option by looking at the application, what the room is used for, is it sunny or dark, how does the colour fit with the rest of your home, etc.

The type of paint is extremely important.  Interior paint and Exterior paint differs completely and it is important to choose the correct type to ensure longevity.

We can paint walls, ceilings, doors and door frames, skirting boards, burglar bars and gates.


woodwork & preservation

The lifespan of woodwork depends on how the wood is treated and how often it is treated. Preparation is king.

Then, choosing either a varnish or wood sealer depends on the current state of the wood and whether the wood is exposed to sunlight or not.



project management
Starting a huge project can be daunting, but with our expertise and experience, we’ll ensure that your project is staggered to suit all the different contractors. We keep you up to date with new developments in the project as well as timekeeping.

We also have built up a team of contractors that we work closely with: Cabinet Maker; Electrician; Leak Detection; Air-conditioning; Electronic Door Specialist; Builder; Paving etc.

Together, we can make your dream a reality.

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