Now that your tanks are full … have you considered installing a water filtration system and use the water in your home?

There are various options to choose from to suit your individual needs.

These range from an under-counter filtration system for municipal water, a stand-alone 3 Stage Filtration Unit for tank water to a 3 Stage Filtration Unit with UV light also for tank water.

With this installation, water is pumped from the water tank, through the Three Stage Filtration System: two sediment filters and one carbon filter.  This water is then fed into the house and can be used on all taps and appliances.  Not suitable for drinking water though.

This installation feeds from the water tank with a pump, a flush system is installed before the water is pushed through the
Three Stage filtration unit: two sediment filters and one carbon filter.  Thereafter the water is pushed through a UV light
which means this water is safe to drink.  The water is then fed to the house.

Give us a call or email us. Vick will gladly assess your needs and explain exactly how these systems can work for you.

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